Situated at The Regent Luxury apartment complex in Morningside, is the Bistro style restaurant Bistro Dolce Vita. Owners Sergio Caon and Carmel Hill, have recently upgraded the look and feel, creating an elegant yet comfortable hub to work from or entertain. Sergio has always had a passion for food and loved cooking at home with his mom, being a restaurateur allowed him to share some his favourite food with his clients. Sergio started baking bread from a recipe he learnt from his wife’s late uncle, tweaking the recipe to make it his own, which resulted in creating the best bread in Joburg. Sergio describes himself as a people’s pleaser, he likes to make clients happy, and if he can feed them and see the joy it gives them, it makes him very happy.
Carmel, is also the owner of Red Pepper Events and Tickets4U which has been operating for over 13 years. Carmel has always been involved in hospitality and food. She is passionate about creating beautiful spaces and gorgeous food. Carmel believes that food must be fun and should take you on a journey with every bite. Their bakery Treviso café, has been operating for 10 years and Bistro Dolce Vita opened its doors nearly 2 years ago. Bistro Dolce Vita also has four boardrooms for clients to utilise and enjoy simply delicious meals. Their new menu, which features beautifully designed dishes launches on Monday.